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Oddity Realms
this site is just for putting uo images onto other sites not any fancy shit you find on most pages :)
Rarity if i do ever update
ive got about 2 yrs worth of blatent uo fucked up shit but most of that got removed after the hd went poof :(
it took me about 1 hr to make this site
i could care less if you did play uo but you gotta remember if your pvp'r "There is no skill or talent just time and money"

i found out cheating in ebay = legal issues
extortion of sums and sums of money never gets you anyways but a small room to yourself

i wish uo would have its end by now
power scrolls Tramuluca you make the decision which destroys it all..
daoc anyone?

Also take side note..you could be in on of these pics or just on a Side Rant